Getting Started with Basics of Testing

As a software tester, the most important skill must be to communicate efficiently with your team and to think from the perspective of the end-users. If you are a developer and planning to test your own code then you are in the right place.

In this blog post, we will take a structured approach and understand the basics of testing which can be leveraged by both software testers and software developers.

So without wasting any further time, let’s look into these five essential mantras of testing:

  • Creating a Test Strategy
  • Creating a Test Plan
  • Writing down Test Cases
  • Creating the Test Environment
  • Performing the actual Testing  with Dummy Data

SharePoint Online, Retrieve items from a list

This is the second blog in our on-going(BABY STEPS TOWARDS SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT)series.

One of the common requirement in “Retrieve items from a list” and displaying it on a SharePoint Page. The following example displays the ID, Title and Body column values, which are created by current user(Author)using SharePoint JSOM on a Button click.

For sample code and more details see:

SharePoint Online HTML form to create list item(JSOM)

If you are new to SharePoint Online development, the first task as a SharePoint Developer, would be to create a HTML form and update’s an item to SharePoint List. In this blog we will create a very basic HTML and create an item using SharePoint JSOM and add the form to the page using Content editor web-part.

For sample code and more details see: SharePoint Online create a form to create list item(JSOM)